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Not being able to post

  1. I have tried twice to post the way I normally do . Only thing is that this time the visual rich editor has been switched off.

    After editing and saving. I put the categories and save and then I finally publish. The post is just not coming on the site. Can somebody please tell me where I have gone wrong or what wrong have I done? Why is the post not coming when I say view site. The old post keeps coming. This is the first time this has happened. Please let me know why this has happened.

  2. same thing happing to me to........

  3. Is the post being saved as Draft? I've had that to happen. Sometimes I click Publish and the post saves as a draft but not publish. Try under Manage or Write and see if the post is at the top as a Draft. If it is, just open and publish again. This worked for me.

  4. Is the post showing up on your Dashboard -> Manage -> Posts page?

    You might have to do a forced reload of your browser to see the post. You might be behind some sort of proxy that isn't updating correctly.

  5. We've also got that weird data centers not being synched up issue. Sometimes it's actually posted there, but you have to hit Refresh to see it. This happened a couple of weeks ago, too, and I just noticed it recurring yesterday.

  6. It very frequently happens for me that the "Publish" button functions as if I had clicked "Save" instead. Sometimes it takes more than one repeat to get "Publish" to publish and not to save. Is there some setting that controls this, or is it just a bug not yet addressed? (I love WordPress, and I know it's free, but this one has been going on for quite a while.)

  7. I can't even see my blog anymore! I was posting and all of a sudden.. nothing! Blank! I can't reach my dashboard, my blog.. nothing.. Too much traffic?

  8. It's back.
    We made a mistake on that issue.

  9. Ditto, leisureguy. Some times but not all the time, I hit publish, then it saves instead. Then I need to re-open it to publish, which usually works.

    Today it happened that the saved version actually lost my most recent changes.

    Please fix this bug, good folks at WordPress.

  10. FWIW, a small clue: when you click "Publish" for a very short post (like just one or two lines), the post will often show up as a saved draft when it has also been published. If you click the draft and then click Publish, it will be published (again). Thus the need to view the blog after you publish each post. Then you can delete the second copy. The post in question:

    I really like the enhancements you're making to the stats and the dashboard, but I have to admit that fixing the Publish problem would be even nicer, so far as I'm concerned. Thanks for listening.

  11. I don't want to inx-jay anything but it eems-say as though ublish-pay is working fine. I've done enough posts today that the oblem-pray would have shown up, but everything's gone smoothly. Thanks, guys and gods.

  12. It's those SixApart gremlins yet again. :)

  13. :Sigh: the Publish gremlin is back in action: several posts this morning go to "save" when "publish" is clicked.

  14. Simultaneous "save as draft" and "publish" now active again. Click the Publish button and it's saved as a draft (and shown that way), but also published. So if you bring back the draft and publish, you get a duplicate post.

    Also, several times did the "secret save as draft" on clicking Publish: post was not published, but was saved as a draft, but not shown as saved until sometime later, when you return to Write: there it sits, still not published.

    I know that intermittent bugs are hard to find, so I understand why this isn't fixed. But I hope that someday it will be fixed.

  15. @LG
    Okay so here's an off the wall "girl" suggestion. Get another blog, use a completely different theme and and export your contents into it. Do not delete the old blog but instead officially "gift" it to sysadmin for bug hunting forays. Who knows this may break the jinx, unless of course the nasty little bugger is capable of migrating with the blog contents.

  16. Mark has mentioned that he has a number of test blogs. He's probably sat there and tried to dupe it already.

  17. Granted that Mark is trying to dupe it and eventually it will be hunted down but wouldn't changing blogs and themes mean that LG would be likely to get rid of this "parasite"? Please explain. Tx.

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