Why am I not able to share my blogs link on facebook?

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    things were fine with my first four blogs. was able to share it all over facebook using the link. even my friends who visited the blog shared it on facebook by pressing the share on fb button.
    but today as i completed my blog and after publishing, i was prompted to use “publicise option to get more traffic” by wordpress. i went through it and tried connecting my facebook account to wordpress. but since that moment i have not been able to use my blogs url…i.e the post i just published, that url has not been accepted for sharing on fb. even my freinds who visited my blog tried sharing it using “share on fb” option, but its not allowing the sharing.

    i then disabled the connect to fb option on sharing and tried sharing the post using the blogs link, but in vain. i even created a test blog to try it all over again but again in vain.

    please help me out with this and lemme know how i can again start sharing my blog in fb and even how my friends can share it over.

    wordpress seemed to be a wonder , but now suddenly things are turning around for me :(

    awaiting your reply.
    Blog url: http://subodhshetty.wordpress.com/


    Just to make sure, did you follow these instructions exactly?

    Sometimes Facebook appears to get disconnected. We’re not sure what some people are doing to make that happen so if you can point us to any steps to reproduce the problem, we’ll have a much better chance of finding the root cause. In the mean time, reconnecting seems to help almost all users that report this issue. Keep in mind that the post published in the past cannot be publicized again, but a brand new post should work if you have reconnected properly first.

    Could you try the steps again even though you already did once and can you let us know if you find any specific error messages in the process?



    Thank you so much Designsimply…you sure seem to be a “happiness” Engineer…looks like things are sorted out…but yet to be completely “OK”…keeping fingers crossed…god bless ;)


    OK! My fingers are crossed too! ;)



    issue solved…thank u so very much…

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