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    I started my blog a month ago, but it’s still not coming up when I search on google. The wordpress blog is but I also bought the domain and then send it back to wordpress. Searching either braised or foodbaby brings up nothing. I checked the settings, they are public.



    The blog I need help with is



    Google has you, but it takes a while to get page rank so that you appear toward the top of searches, and some search terms bring back literraly millions of hits so for most of us that don’t get hundreds of thousands of hits per month, we typically end up near the end of the hits. Also, it takes a while for google to figure out exactly where to put you as far as search terms and such.

    Second thing is that you have not put any tags or categories on your posts, and that is part of what helps the search engines figure out what you are writing about. Without appropriate categories and/or tags, you will never come up high in any searches.

    Type this into the google search box and you will see that they do have your blog indexed: .

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