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Not display uncategorized category in the category cloud

  1. is there a way to tell to not display the "uncategorized" category in the category cloud?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. No there is not. You can replace it with a default category of your own though. See here >

  3. Yes there is: you open the widget, enter the category ID number in the Exclude field, save. The ID number of the "Uncategorized" category is 1.

  4. thanks justpi. that worked nicely!!!! :)

  5. thanks justpi. that worked nicely!!!! :)

  6. What is a "widget" and how do I open it ?

    I think I will be finding a more simple site to use. WordPress is to hard to understand. All I want is a main page to put up a few blogs, cant work out how to get rid of the Uncategorized page and don't understand all the jargon people are saying on how to get rid of it.

  7. It's a mistake to try to stumble your way through without looking at the Support documents first. Go through and when you have a specific question, use the search on the Support documents to find your answers, like what is a widget.

    To get rid of Uncategorized, you need to create other categories, then edit the existing posts to give them other categories, so none of them are ONLY using "Uncategorized." Once that's done, you can change your default category to any of the ones you've created and Uncategorized will never appear again.

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