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not enough traffic pls visit my blog.

  1. pls visit my blog i have hardly one visitor a day though i made quite a nice blog my blogs url

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi, Kanish

    Nice to visit your blog, I am also a new blogger, Though I am not a Guru but i found some lackings in your blog.

    While visiting your blog, I found your blog posts are till Uncategorized and you didn't use any Tags. There are some other problems in your blog related to design and writings.

    It would better if you visit other users blog in wordpress and check how they are blogging. It will help you to learn a lot.

    Om Prakash Chowdhury

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  4. @Kanish
    It's important to understand that
    1. Build it and they will come is not true - there is no such thing as passive blog promotion. Blogging is a both competitive and cooperative. Unless you get out there and comment on other blogs and form relationships with other bloggers your blog will not garner significant traffic.

    2. At the end of the day, if you do not use social media like Twitter and social networks like Facebook to promote your blog posts and blog, then you will find building a growing readership is more difficult as the audience you reach will be limited. Social networking tremendously expands the audience you can connect with.

    The best place to post a blog description on your blog is on your About page, as it is meant to contain a brief biography (profile) and a blog description, including your blogging goal(s) and tags for the blog.
    Blog Promotion Basics >

    Blogs are all about posts. Posts can have categories and tags assigned to them; static Pages can’t. Every post ought to be assigned to relevant broad Categories and should have very specific Tags. Each Category and Tag is a one or two word key word descriptor of the content in your post. Select the most relevant keywords that you think other people would type into a search engine and find your blog with and use them as Categories and Tags on your posts.

    Not categorizing and tagging the content in your blog posts is like purposely playing hide- and- seek with search engines and therefore, making it difficult for their users to find your blog. By organizing your content by categories and tags, you are not only making it easier for your existing readers to navigate through your site, but you are also telling the search engine spiders how to index your blog to bring in more readers. Blogging Tips: Tag to Increase Traffic > Content: How to tag and categorize it >

    Here is some help with effective blog promotion within the community. The most effective way of promoting a blog within the community is to seek out other blogs in the same niche and form blog centered relationships with bloggers who share the same blogging interests. Forming blog centered relationships is a natural consequence of posting meaningful comments on posts in the blog you locate. There are several ways to locate blogs in the same niche revealed in this post. in house blog promotion >

    This post contains 25 steps aimed to increase blog traffic. The steps are internally linked to tutorials. >

  5. I enjoy reading your blog

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