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    Unfortunately, I tried to delete the Front Page but it’s still there, only now it has a Not Found error on it. However, on the Dashboard > Manage > Pages, there are only two pages: “About” and “Page Two”. I looked through the Dashboard about 1/2 dozen times trying to fix the problem but to no avail.

    Help a newbie today! ;-)

    my blog page: http://dowmini.wordpress.com/
    (what’s the tiny smiley on the upper right hand margin?)




    Your front page consists of your blog posts. Once you have written and published one, the Not Found error will go away.



    Hi judyb12,

    i posted something and the Not Found error is gone, but the page still does not show up on the Page Manager. Will this be a problem down the road?

    thanks very much.


    Try clearing your browser cache and reloading the page and see if it shows up. Since it’s showing up on you blog, it should be there and I suspect it is just a caching issue.



    Hi thesacredpath,

    I logged out and cleared the cache but my Home page still isn’t listed in the Page Manager. Any other ideas?

    thanks very much. (nice page you have there, btw).



    The front page (home) is dynamic, not static, so it won’t be in your Page Manager. The Home tab you have is for navigation. HTH



    I dealt with several cases of this today. I do wish WP.com would put in a warning right in the post about deleting that placeholder blog post. It just causes so much confusion, and so many people naturally do it.

    The HOME tab leads to the blog itself, not to a particular page. The Manage page shows you all the posts that you’ve made. If you want to see how it works, make another post, then go to HOME and you’ll see two posts there. If you go to Manage, you’ll see those two posts, and if you click View you will see each post in its unique webspace, separate from the main blog, which you can get back to by clicking HOME. Does that make sense?

    Also, if you change to a theme that doesn’t have the HOME tab, usually the blog title is clickable and functions the same as that tab.



    Thank you, ellaella and raincoaster…

    So even though originally the Home page was listed on the Page Manager (it had ID number 1), it had no “edit” function, just “view” and “delete”? If so, I understand now.

    thank you all for your patience and help.

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