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    Last night I added a new “text” box to my footer (I use Mystique theme) on my site (so not using any plug-ins or manipulating footer.php file)

    Today I’ve had no stats registered at all on my site. I figured it must have had something to do with using that footer box (which doesn’t really make sense), but have no way of getting it back. I’ve since removed the text box from the footer, hoping it would go back to the way it was, but still nothing.

    Please help!

    The blog I need help with is



    You shouldn’t have a problem if you just add a text widget. If you cover up Angela, however, that’s why you don’t have any stats. Angela is the little smiley face that appears somewhere on your blog (usually in the footer, actually) and once a reader loads her, that counts as a hit. If you’ve somehow through CSS or something made it impossible for people to load her, that’s your problem. Have you done custom CSS work?

    Nice site, by the way.



    Thanks, raincoaster. The stats came back about an hour after I removed the text widget that I added last night. I haven’t done any custom CSS work so still puzzled on the source of the problem but grateful that it seems to be back in order!

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