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Not Getting My Blogs

  1. elmerellsworth

    I have subscribed to several blogs, a couple for which I write, for years. Normally I get them right in my email in-box, but suddenly they quit showing up. I need them, as I am a writer/historian, and I review for them, etc. I have tried troubleshooting at one of the blogs, and we worked for 45 minutes or so changing things, re-enrolling, etc. The problem still persists. I find it very annoying to go to each blog individually & check what I haven't been sent.

    Another odd thing is that, when comments are made to one of my posts, I get those notifications. Please don't tell me to change my email name, etc. It all worked fine for years, then suddenly not so fine. I made no changes on my end other than to notice that the blogs were no longer appearing. Isn't there any way WordPress can fix this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have subscribed to several blogs, ... but suddenly they quit showing up

    What are the URLs of those sites?
    Do you find them entered here
    Have you checked your notification settings?
    Have you checked your email client spam filter?
    If you use gmail or google apps please consult these guides:

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