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not getting my blogs

  1. I cannot get my blogs delivered. I suspect this may have something to do with having an author's page created by a third party. How can I get in touch with someone from WordPress and not just crowdsourcing? This has gone for months, and I have done everything anyone has suggested.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi @elmerellsworth,

    From your other post on this topic (found at, I see more details about your issue. You want to be emailed all new posts on the blogs in question. You are already subscribed to the sites in some way, as you receive the comment notifications, but not the new posts. If that's incorrect, let me know.

    Let's first check your subscription settings for the blogs you already follow.

    1. Load your Manage Following settings at this page:
    2. You will see a list of the blogs that you have Followed (if you don't see those, reply and let me know!). It will at least list the sites for which you're getting emailed the comments.
    3. Select Settings on each blog. There's a gear icon next to the word.
    4. Verify the blogs you want to get in your email have the New Posts slider set to blue, which turns it on.

    This is a modified walkthrough based on this page, which has pictures for your reference:

    If these steps do not work, please let me know. I'm happy to get staff involved at that point.


  3. Jesse--Sorry it took me so long to get back to your kind offer. We were out of town for a bit, but back now. So--OK--here is what I j=have done: when I click on I see the list of blogs. However, there is NO GEAR ICON next to anything on that page, nor can I find a slider of any type. When I click on I do not see the checkmark next to any of my blogs. This is very disheartening to me, and I am starting to get mad. I have been going to several blogs individually and finding them to put them on FaceBook & Twitter, etc. You have my personal email--please help me! I also have another sort of wordpress account, I think. I have an author's page:;photo=1amp;cover=0amp;occur=1/span> I believe this company uses WordPress as well, and this might be part of the issue. Let's try to get this solved by Christmas--and thanks. Meg Groeling

  4. Hi Meg,

    Thank you for trying what I suggested. I'm disappointed it didn't work. I'm happy to keep working with you and try to get this sorted before Christmas. I will have more time to look into what's happening here tomorrow. There are still some questions I'm curious about that will help me in helping you.

    • What's an example blog that you want to follow? I need that when I look at your account. You may provide all of them or only one that you want to be getting emailed about.
    • What's the URL for the blog with the author's page created by the third party?
    • Regarding your author's page on, that page should not interfere with your other Following settings. That site is created using the flavor of WordPress we call self-hosted On, the Follower settings work differently (ask me for more information if you want to know more). I think, unless there's information I don't know yet, your issue has to do with followers. This is also why I ask about the website address (URL) for the site with the page built by a third party. I need to track down where the breakdown is happening in your account.

    I'll check back in tomorrow or within a couple days, even if I don't hear from you. It will help in troubleshooting to have the above information.


  5. Hi Meg,

    I think I have a fix for your subscriber issue.

    Please let me know follow-up thoughts or questions you might have.


  6. I am working on my list of blogs--there are 27. I culled the list when I started having an issue. I know a couple off the top of my head: Bull Runnings, The Irish in America, Historista come to mind--also Gazette 665. I was alerted to a new blog the other day & tried to subscribe & got this: This email has opted out of new subscriptions. I never opted out of new subscriptions! The URL of my blog is:;photo=1amp;cover=0amp;occur=1/div> I hope this is enough. If not, I will send the entire list to you. Thanks so much!! I am betting it is something small that just affects the whole list. I am torn between cyber security and personal annoyance! lol?? Meg Groeling

  7. Hi Meg,

    Thank you for writing out the list. I have experienced the tension between cyber security and personal annoyance myself. It can be quite frustrating.

    Try the steps I wrote out above. The notification emails have been disabled for your account, which can happen if anyone reading your email selected "Unsubscribe" from even one email. Follow the steps above to begin receiving emails again. Let me know how it works out.


  8. I didn't get any steps--lol! I am having one of those mornings as well-- Meg Groeling

  9. That's ok. Once we get this figured out, I hope your day will be brighter! Here are the steps again. Let me know what happens.

    1. Load your Reader Subscriptions by visiting this page:
    2. Uncheck "Block Emails"
    3. Select "Save Notification Settings"
  10. JESSE!!!!!!! IT WORKED! I put off trying your suggestion because of so many failures--but finally I got up the nerve,and voila' ! Success! I have no idea why this happened or how, but you have solved the problem. I am nominating you for TIME Magazine's Person of the Year. Thanks so much for your extra help with my issue, and feel free to show this letter to your boss--unless you are the boss, in which case--give yourself a raise. Again, my heartfelt thanks! Meg Groeling

  11. Thank you, Meg! I think I missed the window to be nominated person of the year, given that issue already is printed ;-).

    You can put me in for next year!


  12. Consider it done! I am keeping you on virtual speed dial in case I run into other issues. Again, my thanks, and Merry Christmas! Meg Groeling

  13. You're welcome and Merry Christmas to you!

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