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Not Getting New Comment Notifications

  1. I get a notification whenever I recieve a comment on my blog (and of any replies on my blog), but when I comment on other peoples' blogs, I do not get a notification when they reply to my comment.

    Is this because I have two factor authentication on? It seems that it was working fine before I set up two-factor authentication (I'm not entirely positive though).

  2. No. This has nothing whatsoever to do with two step authentication. You have to checkmark the comments notification box on the post on the other blogger's blog.

  3. Okay. That seems to work, but only sends me an email. I was hoping for a solution that allows me to see the reply in the Notification box.

  4. Okay. At least that is better than nothing, and its easier to go there instead of visiting the actual URL and scrolling into the comments section.

  5. I tagged this thread for Staff as your dashboard notification button doesn't appear to be working.

  6. Can you see your notifications at!/notifications/ ?

  7. Yes, I can see them, but I'm not sure if the ones I didn't get notified of are on there.

  8. The list is organized chronologically and should have everything. Are they listed around the time they should be?

  9. Yeah, everything is listed about the time they should be, except I noticed that recent replies to my comment that was posted on other blogs aren't there.

  10. Would you please give us a link to one of the comments?


    I am "~Ĵɛғғ~Ғαитαɢɛ~Ƥʏяσмαиcɛя~" in the comments. I didn't seem to get a notification when Hazel replied to my comment. I only found out she did by revisiting the post.

  12. Make sure that you're commenting logged in to, not commenting as guest.

    Look for a change or signout link near the bottom of the comment form.

    We only associate comment notifications if you're commenting through your account.

  13. This is what the comment form looks like:

    There is a change/sign out link.

    I think I see the problem though. I was posting these comments on Safari on my iPad. It doesn't have a signout/change link when I try to comment. Rather, it tells me to fill in my details.

    Is this the problem? The trend was that I didn't get replies from comments I made on my iOS device.

  14. Right, that means you weren't logged in when you commented, you just filled out the form to comment as a guest.

    Make sure that you're logged in next time. :)

  15. The comment form still asks me to fill in my details. This is what it looks like:

    You could see that in the notification bar above, I am logged in, but in the comments section, it seems that I'm not.

    Any fixes?

  16. Click the WordPress logo to the right of where it says "or click and icon to log in."

  17. Okay..I got it to log me in. Thanks :)

  18. You're welcome!

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