Not getting orange button notification or email to tell me I have new followers.

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    In the last 24 hours I notice that two new followers have been added to my blog. The problem is that if I didn’t keep track of my followers via the stats page I would not know about them.

    I did not recieve an email telling me about them as I have for the rest of my followers, nor did I get an orange button notification. Yes, the ’email me whenever-someone follows my blog’ is still ticked in settings.

    Is not being told about new followers yet another wordpress change or has something gone wrong?

    The blog I need help with is


    Today, I have new follower that I was not notified about. Same as the person above, I checked my settings and yes I am to be notified when I whenever someone follows my blog.

    The thing is, today’s follower was through the email form on my blog and they are not a WordPress user. Same thing happened with an email follower I gained a couple months ago. No notification.

    BUT when I gained a new follower (a WordPress user) between these two, I was notified. Has something changed that we are no longer notified of non-Wordpress followers?

    If this is the case, I guess I’ll need to remember to check my stats on a regular basis. I appreciate the ease of getting an email, though. :)



    I have never got an email letting me know about non-wordpress users following me but I am still having a problem with not getting notification of a new follower.

    The problem seems a little random because all these week since my first whinge nothing has changed, out of the last 3 followers I got notified for only 2 of them.
    I check my followers stats every day now just so I won’t neglect a new one.

    I wondered if the absence of notification is the difference between them clicking the ‘follow’ on the blog page and the ‘follow’ on the grey user bar at the top of the screen?


    I just started filling out the contact form that would go to WordPress staff as I am curious why you were never responded to. This is why I added my similar issue, I was hoping the bumping of this post would have gotten a reply.

    Before I got far on the form, I noticed the submit button says, “Ask Community for Support” rather than what it used to. It appears this would submit something to the forum rather than going to staff. Is this a new change? The last I knew was if someone has a paid upgrade they were allowed to use the form to contact staff.

    Would someone please address the original issues if possible?

    My issue is not receiving notification for email followers who are not WordPress users. If I remember, I used to. (I admit my memory is not what it used to be). And if there is no notification of a follower who doesn’t have a WordPress account, why not? The profile setting to receive these does not distinguish the two. A follower is a follower.

    Thank you so much for any help. :)

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