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Not getting subscriptions by email

  1. I am not receiving notifications to my email for certain blogs.

    Hello, everyone.

    I use my email to subscribe to notifications from a custom-domain blog:

    (In fact, I also used it to subscribe to a few other blogs.)

    However, I am not getting any notifications on my email.

    I tried solving this problem and registered _an account_ on, subscribed 'with the account' to this blog, and set the notification settings to 'immediate', but I am _still_ not getting any notifications.

    Could you help me debug the issue?

    The website is listed as 'subscribed' both at the email subscription page and in the account subscription settings.

    My email is lockywolf (at)

    Many thanks.

  2. Hi there,

    I can see we sent email notifications for several comments on that site, but none for posts. I've resubscribed you for email notifications on posts. Let's see if you receive an email with the next new post on that site.

    If you don't, it either means the site owner disabled email notifications from their end somehow, or they have another plugin on their site that's interfering with our subscriptions plugin. Either way, that's something they'll need to fix, as we don't have direct access to their site, and we can't make changes to their site without their consent even if we had access.

  3. Thank you. I will try to debug this issue.

  4. Hello!

    The problems is still there. The blog author says he didn't alter the email settings, and I still didn't get a notification about the last post ( from 2017.12.16

    Could you, please, check if the other subscribers to this blog got their notifications? (The website says there are 345 other people subscribed.)

  5. It is not possible to check all other subscribers on the site - I'd need to manually look up the email address for each subscriber and then check our logs if we sent them any emails.

    What I have done is to follow the site myself to check if I get email notifications for their next post.

    I've also tried something else on our end. Please check your email for a subscription confirmation email. Click the link in that email if you receive it, and let me know.

  6. Yes, I received the email and confirmed the subscription.

    Also, please, find the attached screenshot.

  7. That screen shot is the subscription management page for if you don't have a account. Now that you have one, you can manage all those settings directly from the Reader, here:

    Let's see what happens with the next new post on that site.

  8. That screen shot is the subscription management page for if you don't have a account.

    Well, this is not entirely true, since I got this page by clicking on the confirmation link you sent me today.
    And the top of the page still has 'My Site', 'Reader' and my Gravatar.

    And my 'reader/account' subscription page has 5 blogs, whereas my 'email' subscription page has 6.

    But nonetheless, I don't get any updates from 'Alien Pastures'.

  9. But nonetheless, I don't get any updates from 'Alien Pastures'.

    As I said above, I've tried something on our end. To see if it worked we'll need to wait for a new post from that site.

  10. The author posted a new post today, but still no notifications :-(.

  11. lockywolf -

    I am following up for kokkieh here.

    Please share a link to the post. Would you check your spam filter once more?

  12. There are two:

    Dec 22:

    Dec 23:

    Still no notifications from Dec 18.

    Yes, I checked the spam folder. (I know, it never hurts to remind :-))

  13. Hi there,

    I didn't receive notifications for yesterday's posts on that site either, which means it's not a problem with your account, but with the site itself. Most likely they have a filter set up in Jetpack that's preventing emails from going out.

    This is not something we can fix from this end, nor without the site owner's involvement. The site owner will need to contact Jetpack support directly to get help with this.

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