not getting two columns in ChaoticSoul?

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    Hi, my blog is and on the front page the ‘blogroll’ and ‘recent posts’ end up at the bottom of the page instead of the empty lefthand column. If you click on a story though, then it goes to a real two columns like it shows in the theme when you load it. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!


    In “Curfew in Nablus” you need to change the “linked” text in the link you have at the bottom of the page to something like “Yahoo news” instead of the whole long link.

    <a href=";_ylt=A9j8eu2tXoFHXF4AtQ3RtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTBhNjRqazhxBHNlYwNzZWFyY2g-?p=tara+todras-whitehill+ap&c=images&ei=UTF-8&fr=&x=wrt">Yahoo News</a>


    Forgot to mention it is the way you did the link that broke your theme layout.



    Thanks so much for your response, but actually when you click on the ‘Curfew in Nablus’ page then you get the right layout. Its only on the main page that the two columns aren’t working… How is that?



    P.S. – I changed that link in the ‘Curfew in Nablus’ and it hasn’t made a difference. Any other suggestions?




    Look for something else that’s too wide for the column. Pictures and long url’s are often culprits here.


    In your post, “Something to be said for Egypt it appears as if the text was pasted in from the web and there are a lot of conflicting font tags and such. I would suggest copying out all of the text, deleting the text in the post, and then pasting it back in using the “paste as plain text” icon on the extended toolbar in the visual editor. I don’t know if that is the only problem or not, but I would start there.

    You can find out what all the icons do here:



    that worked! About the Egypt post! Thank you very much. Good call!


    You are welcome and happy blogging.

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