NOT Iphone NOT Blackberry Nokia E71x How to log in?

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    I do NOT have either an Iphone, or a Blackberry, but DO have a Nokia E71x that runs on Symbian OS. I have tried to log in on the wordpress mobile, but cannot because it is not a recognized piece of hardware. How can ‘we’ resolve this? I am a columnist in middle Louisiana, that is looking to get beyond that sphere of influence provided by the regional newspaper. At present, I do NOT have a home Internet service, because it just costs too much, and is too limited in the amount of data transfer for the money. I DO have a mobile smartphone/PDA, a Nokia E71x, that operates on the Symbian OS. I have an ‘office suite’ that produces MSWord format documents in the PDA.

    So, is all of this just an academic exercise for me, or is there a means to make this work?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there. Volunteers answering questions on this forum cannot help with this issue. Staff are on holiday hours for this week. please click this link and complete a support ticket so staff get to it when they can



    Excuse me but I’m not clear if you have ready this support documentation entry or not Please read it prior to making a decision about contacting Staff.



    Wow, i’m wondering about your internet plans. I don’t know a single case where a smartphone has ended up costing less per month for data than internet connection. But if you can get your hands on a Notebook, you can work in cafes or anywhere with wifi. They’re about $200-300 used.

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