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Not javascript, how come this gets stripped?

  1. Hi
    I saw a current-time clock in a sidebar widget on someone's site and liked it. Available without javascript so I put it in a sidebar widget, but it doesn't work; it gets stripped out.
    How come?

    <embed src=", BC, Canada" width="150" height="150" wmode="transparent" type="application/x-shockwave-flash">


  2. The embed tag is not permitted, hence it's removal.

  3. Can anyone expand on that? I don't even know what an embed tag is. If I understand, then I can check if something else I'm thinking about putting on my blog, has that, or does that.
    I copied and pasted what it said to copy and paste, after making sure nothing said 'javascript'.

  4. podz - a keymaster - has told you that embeds are stripped - I imagine the answer to why they are is the inter-related issues of security and community as we are operating on a multi-user blogging platform. This isn't a matter for volunteers to address. I recommend that if you want to pursue this further you ought to either send in a feedback or an email to [email redacted].

  5. No I'm not wondering why, I'm just wondering what an embed is or what it does and how to look for it, so I don't post another one. I don't know what it is.

  6. Use a search engine and investigate.

  7. Well considering that even I can't find anything right off using the search engines, lets try to do a bit better than that. :)

    The embed tag allows you to run a program coming from elsewhere that might cause harm to the visitor. Since those programs aren't bewing run though WordPress' security filters, there's no telling what could occur.


    There's also a history of even Microsoft having issues with embed as well. (There's some stuff from back in 2002 as well at other sites.)

    hope this helps,

  8. That's doesn't explain why they are evil though.

  9. But lmighton wasn't asking why they are eeeeevvvviillllll.....

  10. @britishbullblog
    Granted she wasn't asking why embeds were evil. And it's certainly a stretch of the imagination that she doesn't know how to do an internet search because after all she's a communications project manager who is working on a Masters degree in Communication for Development, but the fact remains that drmike chose to be nice to her ... this time ... ;)

  11. I read that wrong. I thought she was asking why they were evil.

    Need coffee. I'm editing a Smurf fanfiction for one of my clients.

    Oh excuse me.

    I smurfed that wrong. I smurfed she was smurfed why they were smurf.

  12. lol! ;)

  13. Okay, okay, I should have googled.
    Thanks drmike anyway for being an all-around nice guy.

  14. I think let people ask what they want, and if others don't feel like answering, the question won't get answered. When I typed embed into google, I got all kinds of very techy explanations that a newbie won't necessarily understand. And to be fair, @BBD, using the define: tag is somewhat advanced googling, no?

  15. This is such a friendly forum, it's so great. So community-ish it makes me want to invite everyone over for a beer.

  16. And I'd be glad to join you provided I can bring something else to imbibe. I hate beer but I do love the great community that's being built here. :)

  17. I don't drink either but thanks for the offer. :)

  18. I only drink at work.


  19. @engtech
    You do mean cream of course and not that skimmed stuff called "milk" , right? Because it'll really make you *hic*, for sure, for sure. ;)

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