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not letting me log in

  1. My work uses WordPress for their website and I manage the website ( WordPress is not letting me log in. I have the original email with my login information and it's saying that email/user is not registered. I have a huge event coming up and need to get it on the website ASAP. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  2. Is that blog a install that has a web host?

    It's broken and that's why I'm asking

  3. * it's not registered with WordPress.COM hense why you cannot log in.

    If it's a WordPress.ORG install then you need to go to for all your support needs.

  4. @sillystella
    If that blog was being domain mapped from an underlying blog to the domain and the domain mapping upgrade has expired, then we need to know what the underlying blog URL starting with http:// is.

  5. in the past I have just logged in using which was the address I've been using for months now. Just Saturday this started happening.
    What is the difference using the vs. .org?

  6. The domain works TT, she'd spelt the URL wrong which I corrected, it's not a free hosted blog.

  7. @timetheif I am not sure I understand what you're asking. I only know our website I've never used anything that had wordpress in the address.

  8. What is the difference using the vs. .org?

    They are found in the first link I posted above >

    Please post the underlying blog URL.

  9. @sillystella
    Thank you for posting again. Please go to the owner of that site and ask they who the pay to web host it because it's broken.

  10. I don't know what the underlying blog URL is.

    So I use WP to edit our website but it's hosted elsewhere. Is that the difference between .com and .org? I've never downloaded anything which is .org is asking me to do...

  11. Is it perhaps a WP blog that is managed through something like My friend at work had a similar problem, where the site was hosted by but was managed through a content management system at another website.

    I hope this makes sense! Apologies if I've just confused matters!

  12. but it's hosted elsewhere. Is that the difference between .com and .org?

    There are many differences. All are stated here in the first link I posted above >

    For the purpose of this thread the key difference is that the blog is not being free hosted by and we do not provide any support for it. We provide support only for free hosted blogs here.

    All support for it is here If you don't have an account there click that link and register one on the top right hand corner of that page so you can post to their support forum. More to the point is that you must contact the web host that you pay for service as that site is down.

  13. Any WordPress.COM blog would have a address with it, the website you have provided is not a freehosted blog, you do not log into self hosted blogs via you log into them by going to

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