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Not one single person

  1. Has viewed my blog.

  2. Then you need to read more threads about blog promotion, don't you?

  3. Try the 'Plug your blog' thread at the top of the forum. Also try linking your username to your blog. And then try leaving some comments on other blogs. And so on.

  4. or you can just try to make a guiness record by having the most massive blog that nobody ever reads. i am sure it would be hard to do considering that you just advertised it.

  5. well in case nobody ever visited i shall not visit and spoil your stats in case you decide to take up my idea

  6. Well I am so pleased and happy that somebody left a nice comment on my poem [my only poem] I am gonna visit your page

  7. But alas I can't find it

  8. Have tags and categories so you can end up on the global tag page. But don't have more than 12 or else you risk being bumped off completely.

  9. join social networks like "Blog Catalog" or "My Blog Log" to promote your blog

  10. Blog about boobs. That will get attention.

  11. Also go to your profile and place the url link so your name on here in the forum is clickable and when commenting on other people's blogs.

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