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    Hi all!

    I´m pretty new here, i´m running, and I want to set unmoderated comments on my blog. I´ve read the FAQ´s and searched this forums and found out what options to check or un-check to disable moderation. But nothing has change, moderation is still working and it´s kind of annoying…

    These are my current settings:

    Dashboard>Options>General: Membership is unchecked

    Dasboard>Options>Discussions: “For a Comment to Show” only the option “user has to leave his/her name and email” option is checked.

    I have no black list settings nor “stand by” if a comment has links.

    I haven´t been able to find any other setting regarding comments to set and play with. I´m using the FRESHY theme with a custom header image.

    Please help me!!!!

    thanks a lot and greetings from Spain!



    Options > Discussion
    “Hold a comment in the queue if it contains 0 or more links.”

    Make that 0 into a 2



    Done! and it worked!

    Thanks a lot mark!

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