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not really new - rss feeds to friends blogs

  1. okay, I am officially a wally....
    trying to display feeds to my "friends" blogs (not all wordpress). i thought i was following all the really simple and easy to follow instructions but when i post the url's of the blogs into the space provided in my rss feed widget thingie, nothing happens. hmmm - just refer to me as wally in your response - i promise it will make me feel better!

  2. I'm as big a wally as you when it comes to RSS; I know it the way i know Latin. Like, from dead people.

    That said, I think the issue is: You don't need the URL of their blogs. You need the URL of their feeds. Here at, that url is your normal blog url plus /feed on the end. But there are all kinds of esoteric variances, so get it from the source for each blog.

  3. hmmm, tried that. i clicked on the blogs feed link, copied the url and posted that into the widgetie thingie and voila.... nutin! wally, wally, wally! internet savvy - nup!

  4. Make sure the link in the widget starts

    and not

  5. A "big wally"? Ok.....

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