Not receiving a confirmation e-mail !!!

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    Before creating this account, i tried to make another one called to the email address (email redacted)
    The problem is I never received a confirmation email for it.
    I took advice and contacted the Support team TWICE and still no answer… so I made this account to see if they will send the confirmation email on this one… and guess what!? THEY DID! (in a matter of seconds)
    So anyway, I am asking the managers/admins/etc of this website to PLEASE send me a confirmation email on the address: (email redacted)
    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


    Most often, when this happens it’s because the confirmation email was stopped at the email provider level for some reason. So the first thing you should always do is check the spam/junk folder to see if it was filed there by mistake. If it’s not there, we can always help check on it. I found your activation link and sent it to you by email.



    Well i cheched the spam/junk etc and there is still nothing. I am starting to believe there is something wrong with my e-mail address, and not with your site.
    I wonder… could it be possible to send me the confirmation email for that domain ( on this other email address: (email redacted) ?
    Thank you.



    Same problem with me.
    Never received the confirmation e-mail for zandschooltje (you know the sign) zuidlaan (punctuation) com

    Could you either resend the mail or completely delete the request so I can start a new.

    A good thing would be that, by filling in an address somewhere, a new confirmation e-mail could be requested…


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