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    Hi. As of my latest post yesterday, I am not receiving comment notifications nor did I receive notification of a new post (I’m subscribed to my own blog for this very reason).

    I have checked all of the items listed in Help:
    First check to make sure you are the author on the post where the comments are getting added. – Yep
    Check the Settings > Discussion page to make sure email notifications are turned on. – Yep
    Check the spam/junk folder in your email program to make sure the messages weren’t filed there by mistake. – Nothing there
    If you are still having trouble, contact support for help and please include an example of a post URL where you expected to receive a comment notification.

    URL is:

    Do I really have to wait 11 days for assistance from Support? Pretty please help. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Paula,
    Volunteers answering forum questions do not have backend access to blogs; only Staff have such access. And, only Staff can apply technical “fixes”. Staff monitor these threads so I will flag this thread so Staff become aware of your issue. Best wishes for a quick fix.


    Thanks for your response. I completely understand that Tech Support is/are the only ones who can help me. I was just following the instructions on the “out of office” message on the Contact Support page by going to the forums.

    I did find a similar post there, which also said this can only be resolved by Tech Support.

    I understand that they will be monitoring the forums, so now I’ve alerted them as instructed. BTW: the URL I quoted was the one for which I have not received a New Post notice. The URL for the post for which I did not receive a Comment notice, is

    In other words, my blog stopped communicating with me sometime last night.



    Have you checked your email’s spam folder? Also, please try whitelisting in your mail client or email service.


    I have this problem several weeks. Not receiving notification of new posts by others or new comments notification and they are not receiving the same from when I post.

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