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Not receiving daily e-mail from followed blogs

  1. I've subscribed to other's blogs. As of Wednesday, I am not receiving e-mails when they post. Apart from the Reader, I have no way to know when they publish a new post.

    I've gone to Reader - blogs I follow - edit. These have not changed and are set for daily/weekly as I chose.

    I've been to the other place (can't remember how I got there) for settings and have them set to send daily to my e-mail address.

    Thanks for your assistance!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Bonjour,
    Nous avons exactement le même souci que vous ... j'ai lancé un SOS, pas de réponse ...
    Tout comme vous, nous n'avons rien modifié à nos paramètres ... sans doute un "bug" wordpress ..
    Une réponse ou aide de leur part serait bien appréciée :)
    Bon weekend à vous

  3. Hi Tami,
    I'm having the same problem, but it's only with one blog. Would love to know why.

  4. Re bonjour,

    J'ignore par quel miracle, mais problème à priori résolu nous concernant ... nous venons de recevoir les-notifications attendues ...

    Bon week-end et merci à ceux qui ont y remedie et contribué

  5. Sorry Agendaide,
    I do not speak French. I have no idea what you are saying.


  6. bonjour Lithakate,

    En utilisant un "translate" vous aurez une traduction approchée .... tel que je le fais de mon côté, n'approchant que très modestement votre langue ... je disais donc, que concernant notre site, le problème était résolu ..

    J'espère qu'il en est de même pour vous
    Très bon weekend

  7. lessonsbyheart


    I don't speak French either - so have no idea what the response was. On the up side, everyone showed up in e-mail again. Yay! :)

    If you're having problems with just one, try going to "Reader" then "blogs I follow" then "edit." Locate the one for whom you are not receiving e-mails and check to see that they are set for delivery either "instant," "daily," or "weekly" - and not "off."

    Whenever I've had just one or two for whom I wasn't receiving e-mails, this turned out to be the case. (In one instance, I accidentally "unfollowed" them).

    Hope that helps. :)


  8. agendaide expressed that the issue has been resolved on their blog.

  9. lessonsbyheart

    Thank you for translating. I noticed that the issue is resolved on mine as well. Why I thought I really wanted two hundred e-mails today is beyond me, but there they are. Thanks for your assistance.


  10. Long ago I chose not to follow any blogs by email at all. I follow them in the Reader instead, as I already have a killer load of email from my business and my consulting work.

  11. lessonsbyheart

    I will definitely keep that in mind if I ever figure out what I want to do for business. Right now I just blog - for free. If it wasn't for WordPress, I'd have no e-mail at all. ;-).

    Enjoy your weekend.


  12. I also blog for free and I even pay for No-Ads upgrades to keep advertising off my blogs.

  13. Hi Tami,
    I checked 'blogs I follow' and it says I should be receiving it instantly.' Guess I'll have to wait till Monday to see if the problem is resolved as the blogger only posts Mon-Fri.

  14. Hi Timethief,
    that sounds like a good idea. I'm finding it really hard to keep up with all the emails. Some of the blogs I follow post 4-5 times a day.


  15. Bonjour @timethief
    Un grand merci pour votre parfaite traduction !
    Très belle journée à tous

  16. Bonsoir à tous,
    Pffttt vraiment lunatique ce système, aujourd'hui je me suis retrouvée à nouveau face à ce problème !
    Merci de me dire si vous êtes dans le même cas ou si votre problème a été résolu et comment ?
    Belle fin de soirée à tous

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