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    I’ve stopped receiving email notification about receiving comments. This just started in the past day or so. I checked my settings, and it’s set to send emails. My spam folder isn’t holding them, either. Any ideas?



    I’m almost sure others have reported this problem recently, but a search isn’t giving me the appropriate thread(s). You might want to page through the forum and, failing that, contact support.



    I think my issue was my isp; all my comment notifications finally came via email today.

    Thanks again.


    i did not see this in the forums, but forgive my question if it is. For the readers who leave comments on my blog – when i respond in my blog do they receive e-mail notification of my response to them?


    They wouldn’t receive email notification of your response on your blog unless they subscribe to your comments feed. (I think)

    I get emails when somebody comments, and sometimes I reply via email, sometimes via blog, sometimes both! Depends on if I think it would be good for the conversation to put it on the blog. If yes, I’ll comment there and send the email so the commenter knows.



    @pdxknitterati-Subscribing to the comment Feed adds it to your “Live Bookmarks” in FF or Bloglines, etc. Doesn’t have a thing to do with email and not all themes have a Feed for the comments.

    @barbararaisbeck- if the commenter has a WordPress account, they will see your reply in their Dashboard under “My Comments”, which unfortunately only keeps tracks of the most recent comments and replies.

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