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    For some reason it would appear I have stopped receiving emails notifying me of new comments having been posted to my blog. Over the past couple of weeks I noted a couple of instances where I did not receive a notification but now the majority do not seem to be coming through.

    This morning I had two new comments on my blog but received no email notification. Also this morning I posted a couple of ‘test comments’ on my blog and never received notification of the new comments. I also have another WordPress blog which is inactive at this time. I also tried posting a comment on that blog and received no email notification.

    I have verified that the “Enable Sending Comment Replies Via Email” block under “Discussion Settings” is checked. I am not aware of any problems with my email and seem to be receiving other email notifications from other sites such as Facebook.

    I also noted other instances of a few folks having similar problems in past posts to this forum but did not see or recognize any solutions in those posts.

    Any help or suggestions would certainly be appreciated….

    The blog I need help with is



    As you have verified that your settings on the Discussion page are correct I’m afraid we volunteers cannot help and you will have to contact Staff

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