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    Hi, I changed the email in my contact form ( but I’m still not receiving email notifications to (email redacted). What else can I do to solve the issue?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi @siennamaeheath, I can see a recent contact was sent to that address. If you didn’t see it, can you try searching your email for the site name? It may have ended up in spam or a social folder.


    Thanks! Yeah, I just found the recent message (a test from myself) in Spam. I marked it as “not spam.” Do I need to do anything else so that I receive messages in the future?


    Note: I do not see the other two messages from earlier this year in my Spam folder.



    Hi there,

    I can actually understand why our spam filters caught all three those messages.

    The oldest one contains a link, two phone numbers, and a vague “I like your blog” comment. On their own none of those would have triggered our spam filter, but in combination it matches markers for very common spam.

    Adding separate fields to your form for website and phone number info could help with that, but false positives like this will occasionally happen.

    The second one also just starts with “Great article!”, which is a common intro for spam comments/contacts.

    And your test submission was only the word “test”, with no real content. Our spam filters will almost always mark that as spam.

    So really what we have here is a very rare case where three out of three contact form submissions were false positives. False positives in our spam filter is actually very rare, but the best way to avoid them is to help train the spam filter – periodically check the spam folder and mark any false positives you see as Not Spam, and the filter will get better at handling similar submissions.

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