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not receiving emails?

  1. My friend here tampos was reccently hacked and i had to take care of his blog throwing out the hacker etc. I told him that i need his email he created wordpress and the password so i could change the pass od his account and change the email of wordpress and everything that had to do with the email the hacker hacked. When i clicked send activation thing it never came that happened yesterday too. His cant receive any emails from wordpress!

  2. anybody home?

  3. If he's handing his emails and passwords around, he's going to have to get used to being hacked.

    Check the Junk Mail file. Sometimes WordPress emails end up there.

  4. yeh i did nothing interesting on advertising spammers.He only gives his passwords to me whenever i want to help him because i know him in real life.

  5. @icedrills. You'd be much better off concentrating on your own blogging than coming and asking for all your friends. You'd help them more by telling them how to contact support and use the forums. If they get into the habit of giving people their emails and passwords, they're just going to get hacked again and again.

    Second, please remember that the forums are staffed by volunteers. As and when someone knows the answer to your question, they'll post it. You don't need to 'bump' the thread after just 20 minutes. Please be patient.

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