Not Receiving Notifications from Blogs I Follow.

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    I am following a number of blogs. I don’t receive any email notifications when they post, and so I assumed they just weren’t posting. But when I look in the reader, I find that they have made multiple posts, but I have received no email notification from any of them.

    I have checked all my settings and I am definitely set up to receive emails weekly when new posts appear. But I do not receive notifications for any these 62 blogs I follow.

    What to do?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,
    Have you noticed the sticky post at the head of the forum? Maybe it applies.


    Thanks for the reply… I am not receiving instant notifications either. I follow fourteen (not 62) blogs and the only ones I have ever received notifications for are my own and one other. The rest never come. So I thought I’d switch to weekly to see if it changed anything but it didn’t. So I switched back to instant but still nothing. Thanks for any help!



    We noticed that for some blogs, instant notifications may not be working as well. Please be patient, as we are trying to resolve this problem as quickly as we can.

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