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    The only things I am receiving notification of are comments on my posts, including MY OWN comments. I know when I’ve left a comment on my blog. I don’t need to be notified.

    Responses to comments I leave on others’ blogs no longer show up under “Notifications”.

    Can someone please at least tell me if this is a glitch or if the notifications function has been redesigned? It was an incredibly useful feature, but it’s useless as it.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,
    I won’t ask you about settings because you know all about them. I tagged this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.



    Thanks, TT~ very kind of you!

    I forgot to mention – I’m using updated Firefox with no add-ons.



    You’re welcome and best wishes with sorting this. It sounds frustrating.



    I just went around to blogs where I’ve commented over the past three days.

    Many of my comments have received responses, and I’ve had no notification of that fact.

    For me, and the bloggers I associate with, the conversation that follows a blog posting is important. Not being able to know when someone has responded will make continuing those conversations almost impossible. Some blogs don’t provide the “email checkbox” for comments, and in some cases, I’ve not received responses even when I’ve checked that box.

    If no one else is having this problem, I’m surely doing something wrong, but I dont’ know what it is.

    And I’m still having every comment I leave on my own post show up in notifications.



    It just occurred to me – could this be a theme-specific problem?



    Hi there,

    I’m sorry this is happening. It shouldn’t be theme-specific.

    Could you post a couple URLs of posts where you’re commenting and not receiving notification?

    Have you checked here to modify your settings for receiving comments via email on different blogs you follow:!/read/edit/

    And, one last question (for now!) – what version of Firefox are you using?




    Sorry to jump in on this, but I’m having pretty much the same problem as of this morning. I’m not getting notifications of comments on my posts, but I AM getting notifications when I reply to comments.



    The comment I didn’t receive the notification about is showing in my recent comments widget (screenshot: ), but I never received an email or light up notification about it. I also noticed that my comments on ALL posts are no longer in grey (the comment box is usually a different colour on my theme for the author of the posts) they’re the same colour as all other commenters.

    Chrome Version 24.0.1312.56 m

    (I just ran CCleaner and cleared all caches and cookies before logging in this morning.)



    zandyring ~ Thanks so much for stopping by.

    I’ve never subscribed to comments via email. Instead, I’ve depended on the notification tab to keep me up to date.

    For example, I left a comment this morning on Portraits of Wildflowers. Just now, it’s last on the page. As you can see, the blog owner responded to my comment.

    Until three or four days ago, Steve’s comment would have appeared in my notifications tab, and I could respond or not, as I chose. Now, I’m not getting notice of his comments.

    Another blog where I’ve had the problem is here.

    There are two problems. The first is that my notifications tab is getting clogged up with my own responses on my blog. The other is that I never know when someone has responded to a comment I’ve left on their blog.

    I don’t want to be notified of comments via email, because it would just make a mess of my inbox. I guess my real questions are:

    1. Am I supposed to be getting notice of responses to my comments in the notifications tab?
    2. Are my own comments on my blog supposed to be showing up in my notifications tab?

    I don’t know whether I’m dealing with glitches or some new wordpress features!

    I’m using Firefox 18.0.1 with no add-ons. Firefox says this is an up-to-date version. And I’ve likewise done the beloved cookie dance.



    I was asked to post my issue here. I am receiving notifications on the admin bar for the comments I leave on my own blog. I started a post this morning. I have other comment issues, as well, so here is the link, if you wish to look.

    As of this point, I have not received email notification of my own comments. This continues to work well, only receiving notifications of others’ comments on my blog.

    I am yet on Firefox 16. 0.1, not ready to switch to the newest as it is causing trouble with another site I use.

    Thank you. :)



    For what it’s worth, I just received an email notification for a comment on one of my posts (this wasn’t happening earlier), but I’m still receiving notifications when I comment on my own posts.


    I’m also getting notified when I post a comment on my own blog. Everything else—getting notified about new comments, likes, and replies to my comments on other blogs—works fine.



    I’m also getting notified when I reply to comments on my own blog. Else — it works fine.



    I am getting notifications of my own comment replies too although fortunately I am not getting emails about them.


    Ditto — Same problem — notification of my own comments on my own posts — don’t know if I’m not receiving notification of replies to comments I’ve left on other’s blogs….
    Using Firefox 18.0.1, but this just started today and I haven’t changed anything with Firefox in weeks…


    Just checked — same thing happening with Safari 5.1.7


    Same problem here. So weird that I’m getting notification of my own comments on my own posts. I’m using new version of Google chrome. Please help!



    On another thread, staff member gibrown said:

    “Sorry about that, a bug on our end was incorrectly generating notifications for your own comments on posts that you authored. The problem has been fixed for the toolbar notifications and we’ve deleted the incorrect notifications from your stream.

    We’re still investigating how email notifications were affected. Sorry for the hassle.”

    The problem has NOT been fixed for me.

    I continue to get toolbar notifications of my own comments.

    I am not receiving notification of other bloggers’ responses to my comments on their posts.

    I am using Firefox 18.0.1. I have cleared my cache and cookies before testing the system again five minutes ago.


    The notification issue has been fixed for me. I wrote a test comment and no orange notification. And all my previous comments have been removed, showing only others’ comments and replies to my comments on other blogs.

    I am still having the nesting issues, but I will post that on my original thread, rather than confuse things here. :)



    Hi Shoreacres,

    Are these fresh notifications, or from before the fix earlier this morning? Thanks for any clarification!


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