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Not Receiving Notifications of Comments, Comment Replies

  1. @starshining4ever ~ I'm happy for you.

    Unfortunately, as of two minutes ago, my comments still are appearing in my toolbar notifications, and I still am not receiving responses to my comments on other folks' blogs.

    I've cleared cookies and cache again, and tried Chrome and IE as well as Firefox - still no joy.

  2. shoreacres - thanks for the clarifications and updates. I'll pass them along to our developers so they can have a look.

  3. Thanks so much. This is a huge irritation. If you need anything else, let me know.

  4. Our developers have taken a look at your examples, thanks for sending them. In the cases where you didn't get notifications of replies to your comments on other people's blogs, it looks like you were not logged into your account at the time you posted the comments. If you're not logged in, the system can't generate notifications for you.

    This also explains the second scenario you describe, where you're getting notifications of your own comments on your own site. Since you're not logged in, the system treats you like a regular user, and gives you a notification that "someone" left a comment on your site. It doesn't know you're the site owner and should be exempted from notifications.

    If you double-check that you're logged in before leaving comments on anyone's site in the future, we hope that will solve the issue. Let us know how it goes!

  5. I absolutely AM logged in when I leave comments. The only times I'm logged out of is when WP itself logs me out and requests another login.

    When I leave comments, I have separate tabs open for my stats and whatever page I'm currently editing or composing. If I were not logged in, I wouldn't have access to my stats page or my draft files.

    Login isn't the issue.

  6. Oh, wait.... Further exploration is called for. I'll check back later after a little experimentation.

  7. OK. This is my annual "I am an idiot" post on these forums. What I didn't realize is that "logged in" doesn't always mean "logged in". When I saw my correct information beneath the comment boxes, I assumed I already was logged in to comment. Sigh.

    So, now that I have straightened out, everything is working as it should. Thanks for being so helpful and patient. And remember - it's often the most simple answer that's the best! ("Are you logged in?" is roughly equivalent to "Is the computer plugged in?")

  8. No worries! I'm glad the issue is resolved.

    When I saw my correct information beneath the comment boxes, I assumed I already was logged in to comment.

    It sounds like you were seeing your browser auto-fill the comment form.

    And remember - it's often the most simple answer that's the best!

    Wise words indeed. :-)

    Happy blogging!

  9. starshining4ever

    Glad it worked out for you, shoreacres!

  10. jeffnguyeneckert

    Having the same problem, not receiving notifications of replies to comments I make on other blogs. How do I know if I'm really "logged in" when I make comments on other blogs?

  11. darcydigsherheels

    Same here :(

    I read the earlier correspondence and made sure that I am "logged in", but unless I'm missing something very obvious here, I'm at a loss. Help!

  12. darcydigsherheels

    BTW, I was receiving admin bar notifications up until Thursday, and none since. Nothing has changed in my settings or my computer. Thanks.

  13. Be sure you're getting this message beneath your comment box:

    <i> (Name): You are commenting using your account. ( Log Out / Change )</i>

    If not, click on the WordPress logo (the circle with the W inside) to log in.

  14. darcydigsherheels

    Thanks shoreacres, I am getting that message. But no notifications...

    Hope it helps Jeff.

  15. I am having the same problem - it started yesterday. :/
    I receive notifications that someone has commented on my blog posts, but not that someone has responded to me on their blog. ??
    And why or why does WP constantly log me out? If I leave WP for 5 minutes and come back, I have to log in again! Help!! Please. :)

  16. jeffnguyeneckert

    I am getting the message beneath the comment box:

    Jeff Nguyen: You are commenting using your account. ( Log Out / Change )

    Not sure what else to do, haven't changed any settings in the Dashboard. Thanks for the suggestions.

  17. I am receiving notification of people commenting on my posts, but I only know when people have replied on their post when I receive a message on my phone. Then I have to hunt through to find which post it was that was commented on. This is annoying as WordPress is a social blogging network with the social side being taken out. There other blogs that you can do that with.

    Please this be fixed and soon. Thanks

  18. I've had no comment notifications for a few days now, whether it be replies to comments on other people's posts or on my own. That is certainly very unusual. Definitely logged in...

  19. The toolbar icon for reply notifications has been down completely for me for more than one day. I get nothing at all there with the icon simply remaining gray and the dropdown window associated with the toolbar icon loads endlessly and never displays anything.

  20. My apologies. This was fixed for me, and I assumed it still was working.

    It is NOT working. I am properly logged in, I have cleared my cache and cookies, and I am NOT receiving any notifications except when someone comments on my blog.

    I found several blogs today where people have responded to my comments, and I received NO notification.

    This is as irritating as it was the first time around, and needs to be fixed, please.

    This probably explains why people haven't responded to questions I've left for them in my comment section - they have no idea they have a message waiting for them.

  21. Psychic telephone ringer time ringing bell, no flashing light....just divine when you have an incoming call and pick up and say hello :D

  22. Hmmm, I did wonder why it had gone quiet, aside from likes and follows, which are coming through as usual.

    It's certainly leading to a slow-down in interaction...

  23. There's a beaver dam in the reply notification data stream and somebody needs to dynamite it.

  24. Firefox 19 and WinXP is my combination that is having issues. Another user reports Firefox 19 and Win7 is okay.

  25. Firefox 19 with no add-ons and Vista having trouble here.

  26. I'll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  27. Hooray! TT to the rescue! Thank you, ma'am!

  28. You're welcome. :)

  29. Chrome and Windows 7 with problems. Plus problems with notifications on iPhone 4S

  30. Firefox 19 here.

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