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    I can’t seem to change a topic from “not resolved” to “resolve” because the drop down feature doesn’t drop down when clicked.

    Do you think this is just my computer?



    You can’t change the thread status if you didn’t start the thread.

    Can we please have a link to your blog, starting with http?


    I started all the threads…such as this one. I can’t change the topic status.

    Thanks Rain.


    I would contact staff. It may be that there is a problem: .



    Yes, the forums have been a bit glitchy for me lately as well. Sorry I misunderstood the question.



    It’s not just you; I had the same problem and have seen other mentions of it. If you click on the drop-down, you might be able to use the arrow keys to change it; that worked for me, at least.

    For what it’s worth, I’m using Firefox



    I did contact Support about two weeks ago after the forum changes when I suddenly couldn’t change my topic from “not resolved” to “resolved” using Firefox The down arrow just sticks but doesn’t open the drop down menu. Tried using arrows and the scrollbar, no go. I finally managed it by logging in with IE6. (shudder).

    Never received a reply to my Support request.



    OK-here again it’s browser and even version specific. I just upgraded to FF3 on my work computer and the drop down menu now works.


    got it.

    thank you!

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