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Not seeing my posts if i search on

  1. If i search my tags on blogs i found 0 posts of me? why do i wrong or is it just not working?..i already made more then 100 posts since more than a month

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It can take up to six weeks to get indexed by search engines.

  3. Google and Bing have the site indexed - but I would have not a clue how to search for a site that has all the Posts a series of consecutive numbers - and yes I know that is the whole object of the Project - but I think this is one time to take @raincoaster and @timethief's advice and promote the project not just in a search string - (see other posts in the forum) - if you want to reach a wider audience.

  4. I think you should resubmit your website..
    And keep post some useful post.Some time google takes time to index..

  5. @ Auxclass...

    Maybey it needs more time to index in the wordpress search engine....when it works people must find it when they search for tags like "stickers"."streetart". even if i have only numbers in the post or am i wrong?.

    I just wait another weeks and keep checking it if it works...

    @ infowebconnect...i use wordpress only to post my photo's, other post i do on my flickr account.

  6. The search engine is the LEAST sophisticated search

  7. search is not my best subject - but based on research using my own main site. The search should not take time to add new stuff

    The blog TITLE does not seem to be a good thing to search on - I could not find my own site that way but I could find my site searching on the title of my last Post. using the search function

    My only suggestion would be to create a POST to the effect "My 1000 x dot project" (title) - then in the body of the Post - My 1000 dot project is a street art project because of ....... - so that the name / title and such is in a Post which is the base building block of a WordPress blog - Posts are indexed well -

    Beyond that I will defer to the others with more experience and knowledge such as @raincoaster and @timethief & @thesacredpath - maybe they will have some secret handshake advice -

    good luck

  8. The problem with "stickers" is "133,006 results for "stickers" - even searching on the Tag Stickers has a lot of hits.

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