Not seeing the draft I just wrote!!

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    I’m so frustrated! I just spent an hour + writing a post. It was 1000 words or so; finished the post, added my tags, checked my categories, etc and clicked the preview button, when the preview came up the only thing that showed up was my post title. I went back to my editing screen and nothing was there! Not only that but there are timestamp links where it “supposedly” autosaved during the last hour several times and when you click on those, nothing shows up in the body of my post! Where did my freaking post go? This is beyond frustrating to the point where I don’t even want to mess with WordPress any longer. Do any of you have any answers, seeing as how you can’t get “pro” help unless you’re a premium user.

    The blog I need help with is



    Some people have been reporting errors like this on long posts. When this kind of thing happens, and we don’t know the cause, we always suggest using an offline blog editor like Windows Live Writer or Blogdesk.

    You MIGHT also be able to get to your post via the back arrow on your browser.


    Lol, I’ve back arrowed my browsers to death attempting to do that with no luck. This is totally frustrating. I shows like umpteen revisions of the post and none of them have any body to them now.

    By the way for anyone willing to look the blog is and the post title was “You’re A Natural”



    Hello there,
    This article explains how to recover a lost post or page. I hope it helps you.

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