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Not showing up on tag pages

  1. It's Wednesday evening and none of my post links are showing up in the WordPress category or tag pages. I had a similar problem over this past weekend and it seemed fixed I can not find anything of mine.

  2. Staff have said in the past that if you use more than a total of 12 categories and/or tags on a post, you'll be excluded from the global tag pages. That's not always the case, but it could well apply to your blog. Try reducing it to 12 and seeing what happens.

  3. There is no reason - other than the above by raincoaster - why they would not show.

  4. Your posts *are* showing on tag pages:

    If they're not showing somewhere, please provide a link or example.

  5. His posts were not there when I checked before. I checked that very tag page.

    In fact, they're not showing now for the blog linked to his name. The only blog I see listed on that page is

  6. @, they are not showing up now.

  7. I tried reducing my last post to 12 and nothing changed. I am not showing up just about anywhere.

    All my 12 tags here are not showing up:

  8. Interestingly enough, the post was very strange in that the poster copied all my tags and used them on his post opposing my viewpoint. Things have gotten strange right about that time.

  9. Since two staff members are apparently seeing two different things, I'm going to have to leave it to staff to figure this one out.

  10. Your 'bible distribution' post is the top one here:

    It appears on all of its other tag pages as far as I can see. Which tag pages is it missing from? How soon after writing a post are you checking the tag pages?

    nb Mark didn't say or see something different - he just pointed out there's no reason your posts wouldn't appear in tags.

  11. Okay, then you and I are seeing two different things for sure. is definitely not showing for me on the Scrooge Report tag page. I do not see the Bible Distribution post on the Church and State page either. Not at all. The top post there is

  12. @ raincoaster...I'm with you...I am seeing nothing! I'm out for tonight. I'll check back tomorrow. thanks!

    @ tellyworth....thank you for checking on this!

  13. Could it possibly be set to "Mature" for some reason? I don't know if staff could see it then, but I know I wouldn't be able to.

  14. Same problem here. None of my posts are showing when I click on a tag or category...

  15. I refer you back to my very first comment in this thread.

  16. Aha - investigating something.

  17. raincoaster - I am not using more than 12 tags/categories.

  18. Well, not on all posts anyway. :)

    The ones with fewer than 12 don't show up either.

  19. concur here, using IE7; cleared cookies and cache. krateein and jesusis1 aren't in tags.

  20. krateein, you used 13 on the two posts I counted. I have no idea if using more on SOME posts gets you banned even for the posts you use fewer on.

  21. On your Settings tab, change your language to something else, Save Changes, then change it back and Save again.

    There is a bug, which we're working on fixing, but that should sort things out in the meantime.

  22. Does EVERYONE have to do this, or does it affect only a few blogs?

  23. That worked. Thanks!

  24. raincoaster - not everyone. just if this is happening right now.

  25. it's definitely not affecting everyone, it's as freakish as that workaround ;)
    rain you're in tags, i just checked. even your most recent post is there.

  26. Thanks. As always, I am so easily understood by those who know me.

  27. It affects only a few blogs. We should have it fixed soon, but in the meantime if your posts aren't showing up at all in tags, give it a try.

  28. I still need help....nothing showing.

  29. Thanks telly! I did the "change your language" thing and it worked. Hope the bug clears!

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