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Not showing up on tag pages

  1. Just wanted to let you know that it's still happening today. The Language switch fixed it.

  2. The reason I moved over to Blogger was because of this problem that never seemed to get resolved. I'm newly back again and as of now NONE of my posts have showed up in the tags section [sigh]. Was it something I said?! So far, no response from the folks at wordpress. It's been about a week.

  3. Have you done the fix recommended on the previous page? It's worked for everyone who's tried it so far.

  4. I'm having the same problem... Have google search listings linking to a page on saying there are no blogs listed in this category. Do I need to go through all my categories for each article and get the categoy list down to only 12 listings for EACH article...? Or do I need to get it down to only 12 total for ALL the articles together in my blog?
    All thanks for any help.
    Want to fix this right away.

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