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"Not Site Admin" Is wordpress down?

  1. Okay, so, sometime in the past 30mins; wordpress randomly died. Any page I go to on the domain that's powered by wordpress is inaccessible. I just get the message "Not Site Admin", I have no idea what this means; but it would help if it was worked out and resolved, or at least talked about?

    Anyone else getting it? I've already had a partial confirmation by someone on IRC ( #wordpress).

  2. Yeah.. I"m getting the same thing happen

  3. A code change went wrong - we're fixing.

  4. Yup. I'm definitely seeing it too. =(

    Haha! I thought I was haxored! LOL! Looks like it's a problem. Whew...

  5. It back online again

  6. @ tellyworth k, thanks for the update :)

  7. I'm still getting it on my blog
    Is it still in the works?

  8. @statikus your blog looks fine to me. Try shift-reload or shift-refresh in your browser.

  9. No wait, never mind. It's fixed (puts the joint back on the table) :$

  10. That was a super quick fix!! THANKS WORDPRESS DOT COM!

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