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Not staying logged in

  1. something has happened to this. I hardly ever had to log in, now every time I exit the browser and then go back into it I have to log in again. It is so annoying. It isn't like logging into WordPress is so easy.

    If you are making it so that people have to keep logging in, then why isn't there a log in button on the homepage, like there is on facebook and everything else?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is a login button you can use. You can install the meta widget in your sidebar, as that's in part what it's for.

  3. Staff may have made this change in how things work. It has been this way in the past, and a while ago I was surprised to find that it was keeping me logged in for long periods of time, even if I shut down my computer. That really isn't a good thing. If you step away from your computer, even if you shut down your browser, someone could come by and open your browser and have access to your site. There have been instances where a child in a household ended up deleting a parent's content, and supposedly even a blog site entirely.

    Personally I like that it logs me out if I shut down my browser or my computer.

  4. I can still exit browser and power down the PC and restore the session the next day and still be logged in - no others in my household so probably OK - seems I remember some sort of "Remember Me" button for the log-in - can't remember what it did however - there is some time limit that they will let me stay logged in - but I log out and back in each morning - yes @TSP that is backwards -

    And yes there have been several times that blogs were changed or content deleted by someone that had access to the computer and were in a bad mood

  5. @auxclass, this change, at least for my me on my Mac happened about a week ago. It is the same way a self-hosted site operates, and as far as I know it has been that way for a long time. If I close my browser I have to then sign in again.

  6. I will take your word - but when I turned on the computer this morning and opened Firefox and Restored Previous Session - my stats loaded in the Dashboard and I was logged into the Forum

  7. Really? That's not happening to me - thank gob!

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