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Not sure follower issue is corrected.

  1. I know this was being worked on, but I'm not sure it is totally correct? I still seem to get email notifications from followers, yet the counter does not keep track. Also, I started my blog about three months ago and the number of followers and number of hits has always been very consistent. Since the follower counter issue happened, I have also noticed that the hits are not as high. Naturally this could be normal, but over the last three months it has been very, very consistent, yet lately there are few hits. And I don't believe the follower counter issue is corrected since I have received the notifications of being followed, yet the counter doesn't increase, or does so maybe once a day and still doesn't bring it up to the correct total. (before this, my follower counter "counted" a follower as soon as I got the email. The hits seemed to be delayed, but they were still counted very fast as compared to the way things work not. Thanks for any info.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Staff is aware of and working on this issue. Please see here

  3. Thanks, I published something this evening and my follower numbers did not automatically refresh. In fact, I've gotten email notification that people are following me and while my follower count did go up, it is still about 8 or 9 behind and has not updated since this morning. As for Publicize, I am not even sure what that is, but if there is something I need to do with that can you direct me to instructions? I still wonder if there is more of an issue than just this? My follower numbers updated one at a time before, and were consistently pretty high. Since all of this started, I rarely get followers. I certainly understand followers are no guarantee... but I consistently averaged about the same per day, but lately hardly any. Thanks for any information on what I need to do with Publicize since I think I recall reading something about it here but knew it was nothing I needed. Thanks again.

  4. Actually, I think I just fixed it by reading about Publicize... thank you.

  5. Well, what I made it do was add my Twitter numbers to the WordPress numbers, so that's great. Now I will watch to see if when I get the email notifications of a follow, if they show up on my counter. Like I said, it updated some but even now the number is not correct, but it does show the Twitter numbers added in. Thanks again.

  6. My "follower counter" is clearly not accurate still, unfortunately. I received several email notifications overnight that I was being followed, yet the counter is exactly as it was yesterday. Just letting you know. Thanks.

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