Not sure if I need the Site Redirect service

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    A friend is moving their site to private hosting. Their site is a many-years-established authority on its subject, and it ranks first on Google search for it. They have their own registered domain name which they’ve used for years on They will not be changing the domain name when they move to private hosting.

    Do they need to buy the Site Redirect service to maintain their search engine rankings/authority for the move? The way I understand it, redirecting their nameservers to the private hosting should take care of that. But I want to be very sure.

    Could someone confirm whether or not Site Redirect is needed in this case? Thanks in advance.


    Hello @tammycaat
    If they are not changing the domain at all and just pointing the domain to the new host then site redirect option is not needed because everything remains the same, only the DNS records of the domain will be changed so that it point to the new host. It wont affect the search engine result.

    But if the domain is changed from to, then the site-redirect upgrade is needed so that even even if appears at the top of the search results it will be redirected to

    You can search something like “dns propagation affects search rank” on Google to read some good articles about this.

    Let us know if these help. Thanks! 🙂



    Thank you very much @otpidusprime. That was very clear and helpful :)



    Hi there,

    What the redirect upgrade will do is redirect the old underlying address, but if the site has been at the custom domain for some years already I wouldn’t bother – it’s highly unlikely that the site is still getting traffic from old links using the free address, and not directing the free address won’t affect SEO in any way.

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