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Not Sure If This is a Legit Blog

  1. I got a "like" on my blog as well as a comment that my post had been "reblogged" by this site:

    I took a look at the other posts on that site and they are all "reblogged". I don't know what this means. It looks like a spam site to me. Can anyone else tell and if so, can it be reported?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. A legitimate blog has original content. It's not a collection of reblogged posts. See here for reporting a spam blog >

  3. Blogs that have reblogged posts from elsewhere on (as long as the posts that are reblogged aren't spam themselves and the blog is not being used to direct traffic to spam links) are not considered to be spam.

  4. But re-posting complete posts, as this 'blogger' does, is content theft.

  5. These are reblogs, not copied posts.

  6. But reblogs are copied posts when they include the whole content of the original instead of a short excerpt.

  7. Well, I am going to report it and let the powers that be decide if they think it's a legitimate blog or not. It's one thing to have a trackback, but I don't like the looks of this site. It doesn't look right to me.

  8. @jrsypoet1776
    Look above and note this: markel - Terms of Service
    Markel is Staff

  9. This is one of the drawbacks on the reblogging feature. Short posts end up getting reblogged in their entirety, or nearly in their entirety, which in my opinion does not meet the guidelines of "fair use."

  10. There are excerpts as well as entire posts -- specifically photo posts -- "reblogged" on that site. There are even photos with copyright watermarks that have been "reblogged".

  11. Well I think we can be assured that so many of us have clicked into that site today that the person who has it may assume it's suddenly become popular (how ironic).

  12. Edit: not "it's " **headesk** "it has"

  13. The reblog at has 75 words. If the post is shorter than that, the whole thing gets grabbed.

  14. Tumblr is full of blogs which consist entirely of reblogged posts. Given that at the moment seem rather fond of, um, copying stuff from tumblr (hello, ripped themes! hello, 'follow' button!) I don't think you will get a lot of staff help in resisting this trend.

  15. Nope, even though as we've established, WP bloggers in general haven't picked up on it.

    If your post is entirely grabbed by the reblog, nothing is going to prevent you from DMCAing whoever reblogged it, although they probably wouldn't be expecting it.

  16. @johnnytesting: Exactly.

    @wank: I don't think so either. But I love seeing replies like "these are reblogs, not copied posts". Remind me of those medieval monks that blessed the meat and called it fish on days of fasting.

  17. I guess what I don't understand is, what exactly is a reblog? I'm just an average blogger...I don't get into all the terminology and today was the first I've seen of this trend.

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