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Not sure this should be Off-Topic...

  1. Can somebody explain blogroll to me? I've tried to learn it, but it just confuses me.

  2. All blogroll is a fancy name for your list of links.

    Are you having a specific issue with it?

  3. No, I'm just trying to understand what it is. List of links...?

  4. @chicablog
    Here's a link to a blog post that may help you understand blogrolls, links, categories and their relationships to one another. :)

  5. I couldn't understand it that well..........sorry...

  6. That's really too bad. I wrote it as simply as I could. Maybe you can understand this one. A blog roll is a grouping of links to the sites that you visit frequently.

  7. Oh. I think I get's 'outside' links you like that you put on your blog for bloggers to use?

  8. Yes, they are links to sites that are not within your own blog. :)

  9. So, you can post them, and they appear like on the sidebar, and other people can visit the sites?!!

  10. Yes, exactly.

  11. Thanks! *goes and starts blogroll* Such a strange name for it...

  12. Blogroll is a strange name of the place you can enter the url's or links to sites you like to visit and categorize them. Then they show up in your sidebar after you place your links widget in it in alphabetical category groups like for example: entertainment, fashion, fitness, fun, music, forums, etc. And it's on those sites that you may make cyber friends who become your blog readers. :)

  13. It's named after the old practice of "Logrolling" which is itself named after what lumberjacks do. But in publishing it means getting someone to give your book a great review if you give theirs a great review. So it's easy to translate "logrolling" to "blogrolling" ie you link to me and I'll link to you.

  14. OK, I will blogroll you raincoaster!

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