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  1. Hi. I started using the theme Vigilance a few days ago. My blog looks nice but under each post that I had written is a little word, which is a link, called 'edit'. When I click on it I am taken to the page where I can change things. I see that when I look at the actual blog page. Is that only on my computer when I look at my blog, or can other viewers see that and click on the link? I don't want viewer to go in there and edit my content. I suspect only I can see it. I just want to make sure. Is there a way to remove that if others can see it?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. That's an Admin "edit" link for your convenience. Your visitors cannot see it. It's only available to you when you are logged in.

  3. philiparthurmoore

    Hi there. Rest assured that only you—if you are the only contributor to your blog—can see the "Edit" link on your website. Visitors will absolutely not be able to see that link, and unless you've added someone to your website as an Administrator, Editor, or Author, then no one will be able to see that "Edit" link.

  4. Thanks a bunch.

  5. @pulsar62
    You're welcome. I'd like to recommend that you use the step by step learn tutorial if you aren't already doing so. Best wishes with your blog. :)

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