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Not to be Debby Downer here but could the Blogosphere be maxed out on blogs?

  1. Hi there,

    I do hate to be negative, apologies, but I'm discouraged. I've poured over countless blogging articles, ideas and tips. And, while its wonderful how popular blogging has become, are we possible just completely over saturated? Every niche seems to be taken, every audience already found.

    I've been blogging for 8 years (separate from my new wp blog) and have noticed my own little audience getting spread more and more thin.

    I surf countless blogs and feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume. There is a lot of chatter out there, isn't there. All of it witty, sharp and focused. I feel like an aimless drunk stumbling down a busy street.

    Anyway, appreciate hearing any thoughts! Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, the web is saturated with blogs, mainly because it seems to be the 'in' thing for teenagers to do nowadays. Many will lose interest. In fact that seems to happen a lot during the first year.

    I would disagree and say that only a minority are sharp, witty and focussed!

  3. I agree that the blogosphere is saturated... unfortunately, I think it's saturated with alot of silly "blogs". Blogs that are little more than fluffy "I like blueberries" and "Isn't my dog cute" kinda stuff.

    I know I'm a bit of an elitist, but I'm not a fan of blogs that aren't really about anything, or at least not about anything of any real substance.

    (OK, I'm now ready to be attacked.)

  4. I'll stand with you three. Now everyone has a blog and a huge portion of what are called "blogs" don't contain original material. It's easy for our blogs to be submerged in a sea of spam blogs, splogs, duplicate content (already posted in a content farm) type of collections, blogs that have only Youtube videos and no text, etc. This is the nature of the blogosphere and it's becoming more difficult day by day to reach an audience. One can spend a whole day promoting a post in a sea of posts on Twitter and in social networks. we are even being rated and ranked based on how well we and our followers spam our links ie. klout. I don't see this changing any time soon Do you?

  5. Optimistic view:
    If the blogosphere is anything like the biosphere, then something akin to natural selection should be taking place as we speak; whereby quality content rises to the top and "fluffy" insubstantial content sinks to the bottom. I agree that because of its popularity and allure, the blogosphere has experienced an influx of new blogs/content, a lot of which seems to be lacking in quality. However, as time passes, it's my belief that amongst the content cornucopia that is the blogosphere, the best and brightest blogs will rise above the masses and shine brighter than the rest. (Content is king? I guess?)

  6. invisiblemikey

    There's always room at the top.

  7. I'm with Mikey.

    Yes, the blogosphere is maxed out in terms of amount of content and numbers of blogs. But holy shit, is there ever a whack of stone-cold crap out there! Be better than that for long enough, and do some judicious self-promotion, and you will see results.

    I always ask what your expectations were, going into this. Because if you're disappointed now, it means those expectations were not met. And we can't really address that until we know what you expected. I've seen people want to get to the front page of Google in a day. On the other hand, one of my students DID get to the front page of Google in a day, and was linked from Boingboing on day four. But if you expect that, you're being unrealistic.

  8. For me, blogging is more of an outlet then anything. Those that want to read what I write are free to do so. But I like to speak my mind and blogging is a great platform to do so. But from what I understand about readers dropping, they may be losing interest in the blow. Try to spruce things up a bit and see if that helps to retain readers.

  9. I kind of wish there were more outlets for the good stuff to rise. Blog carnivals seem to have potential as an alternative to Freshly Pressed and Featured Posts, but there aren't enough of them.

    And in case you're wondering, I don't have anything against Freshly Pressed or Featured Posts. They're usually a little too "Hallmark Card" for me. Lots of people like to read things that look like Hallmark cards, but additional competitive outlets for other niches would be nice.

  10. There is only one you in the blogosphere.

  11. Blog carnivals are retro crap fiestas. /opinion

    In order for them to be effective, you have to already be in the ranks of people with major followings in your field. And why would their readers prefer you to them? Besides, they are very old-fashioned right now.

    I promote myself through comments on websites where I'm already known, and through things like Buzzfeed, where you submit a link and it's voted on.

  12. I agree with Mikey too. Of course there is a lot of aimless chatter, as there are aimless conversations but I have come across quite a few blogs which have enriched my life by reading them. There is always room for quality

  13. Such an interesting discussion! I've loved reading everyone's thoughts.

    @Raincoaster - You know, your student was very lucky. And I don't expect to be a blogging Cinderella success story. I'm humble, I'm in for the long haul, I'm in reality. But since I am in the very early stages, I do step back and wonder if it's going to be worth putting so much energy into it. As you said, the (non spammy) promotion, the fresh content, the engaging other bloggers. It's three full time jobs in one.

    @karenjump - I'm exactly like you! It's a creative outlet and I really dig it. Sparks up my uneventful life. I hope that motivation alone is enough to fuel my blog along. Do you ever second guess like this? I'm actually third guessing at this stage. Fourth guessing really. But that's my nature, I'm an overthinker. (And blabber. Stopping now).

    @Infusion - Okay, 'content is king' is my new motto. I like your angle because it makes all kinds of sense. Well, and motivates me to focus on staying sharp.

    Compelling arguements, all around. Thanks for talking me down from the ledge, all.

  14. I'm laughing so hard... These spammers are ridiculous. I like monster too. ;-)

    Let us go shopping now.

  15. This was a very industrious spammer, I have to say - have you seen how many threads they hit????

  16. No, I haven't seen as I went shopping.

  17. Didn't pick you for one to be sucked in so easily! *wink*

  18. Debby Downer... I love that! But I feel it's true...I feel down after reading your post here. I started a post on the forum too:

    I can't stop looking at my stats...but after reading your statement above, I'll go crazy because there are not enough readers to go around. I write about God and I saw that over 7,000,000 other people did too.

    Well alrighty then.......what's a blogger to do?????? I just started blogging 2 months ago and you know what?........I love it and I get a lot out of it for myself and it makes me happy. Generations to come will read my blogs and say that was aunt so and so's blog.

    I do wish I had more is what it is.

    Question? is Debbie Downer a real person? :-)

  19. Now I feel bad for making you feel bad. This is getting out of control. ;)

    So I started blogging a little after you, so a month ago. I, too, am totally obsessed with my stats. I'm a freak, checking all the time. And, don't know about you, but I also map out where people going...which actually helps me to know which stories are appealing and which, well, are not.

    And I actually feel better after reading the comments here. There are a lot of blogs but a lot of quality blogs? Maybe not so much. Key!

    It's just all such a learning curve. Who knows where it might all lead, if anywhere at all, but having fun during the process is my goal right now. I feel 12 writing that but it's true. I'm all about the fun.

    Oh! And Debbie Downer is just a character from SNL. :) She's also someone I work with but, well, maybe we shouldn't go there.

  20. I do check my stats...for 3 blogs at least once daily.

    Now I do nothing but clutter blogosphere with my different blogs. And they are.

    Are they unique, well only one of me for the personal blog. Then 2 others support each an organization.

    Just be realistic in terms of the scope of the audience you'll ever get.
    By now, I think my blog has stuck to a fly: good friends probably would expect me to carry on blogging for awhile.

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