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Not Very Ladylike

  1. Hi there, everyone! Since this is the place to shamelessly promote WordPress blogs, here it is:

    Not Very Ladylike is a group of recent college graduates sharing our secret (and not watered down in any way) musings with the rest of the world. My friend started this blog to showcase that we aren't delicate little flowers. We think about sex, love, and have dirty and opinionated thoughts just as much as anyone else. We're young, wild, and have a lot to say, and we'd love to hear your thoughts!

    I'd love to read your blogs, too. None of us are internet publicity wizards, so we also need help finding the best reads online, so point us that way, too!


    Lady Luck (one of many authors)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sounds interesting.
    The society's point of view on gendet really is annoying :o

  3. BTW you haven't added anything to your blog yet...

  4. Yeah, I'm seeing the blog as blank too. Which is too bad, because it sounded interesting.

  5. You may have given us the wrong link on your username.

  6. Oh no! Sorry! I thought I posted from the Notverladylike blog... The link is

  7. xxfrozenflower

    Wow, your blog is as awesome as you described it! From the posts I've read, I'm really digging it. I subscribed to it. Thanks so much for sharing~ <3

  8. Hey guys! thanks for checking us out :) there will be more to come if I can rally the other ladies to get off their duffs and write for the masses!

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