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    What about a note taking area on the dashboard (sort of a sticky note)? Sometimes it takes just a single sentence to “freeze” an idea for a future post: I have a draft post for this task but it’s not always “at hand” as it gets buried under all the “regular” drafts and published articles.

    The blog I need help with is



    Have you tried using evernote or simple note


    I have a couple of text files in my Dropbox folder for such tasks. Similar solutions of course do the job but my point was more specific to blog dashboard. I also sometimes schedule posts (I decide which of the drafts I have should be completed and published first, sort of an agenda).
    What about marking a single draft post (with a unique tag, for example) to act as a “scratchpad” and appear always on top of the drafts lists?



    Understood. I just wanted to make sure you knew the other two existed while waiting as it’s not likely that any new features requested here will be added quickly from what I’ve seen and I’ve been here a long time.


    I trust your long-time experience here though I still hope some Staff members come across my suggestion. Your hints helped anyway to clarify the intent and purpose of it.
    I’ll sit back and relax, waiting for something to happen in my dashboard.
    Thanks for replies.



    Best wishes with this. :)



    I think this idea is really great and would like to see something like this as well. There are many times when I have wished for the exact same thing. Not just for post ideas, but for reminders of things to do, keeping things I’m working on close by, remembering layout/formatting tips for consistency across my site, storing CSS code that I’m still working out, etc. I find that things are constantly in evolution and a way to recognise that would be great. I’ve used the draft posts method as well. I believe there was a Drafts section on the Dashboard before it changed not too long ago, which made the method a bit more useful than it is now…


    Thanks for your appreciation. Let’s hope the idea climbs up to the Staff rooms. Other than posting in the Ideas section of the forum I know no other way to promote my suggestion.


    Just giving this post a bump, hoping someone else sees and appreciates it.

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