"Note: This theme will be retired soon. Try another theme instead."

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    Is there a timeline for retiring the theme ?

    Obviously useful for knowing by when we need to migrate to a new one, and our sites will stop working !


    The blog I need help with is sensesandspaces.wordpress.com.



    Note that the site is http://www.spacesandsenses.com.au

    (not sensesandspaces.wordress.com as listed in the question)



    Hi there, that note in the theme showcase is only relevant for sites hosted on WordPressdotcom and anyone who is currently using the theme can continue to use it. Your site will not stop working.

    Let us know if you have any other question about this.



    Hi Dan,

    Retiring a theme means we no longer offer the theme for activation on new sites, or download for stand-alone WordPress sites. It will also eventually be removed from the theme directory on WordPress.org

    It also means the theme will no longer get bug fixes if something breaks, and the only updates made to the theme will be critical security updates, i.e. when a vulnerability is discovered and needs to be patched.

    So you can definitely continue using the theme for as long as you want, and for the most part it should keep working. Eventually the theme will start breaking, though, as at some point the technology used in browsers and in WordPress will no longer be fully compatible with the way the theme was written. Best case scenario the theme will likely continue working for years still, though.

    That said, while Pique is getting retired, it’s also getting replaced. Our recently released theme, Alves, is a refresh of Pique, and optimised for the block editor. So if you wanted to switch to Alves you’d have essentially the same look, but with full support for the standard blocks that come with the block editor.

    If you’re using Jetpack you can activate the theme from My Site ->Design ->Themes, or you can download it directly from the theme showcase page here:


    Let us know if you have any more questions about this.

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