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    I have been using this team since it was released. One of the things I love about Beach is the page it shows when someone searched for something on the blog, but that something isn’t on the blog. That’s the “Nothing Found” Page I’m talking about.

    It has the archives, categories, and a lot more interesting things.

    I tried it again but now all the page shows is this: Nothing Found
    Sorry, but nothing matched your search criteria. Please try again with some different keywords.

    Why did WordPress remove that feature? I wish they’d put it back.

    The blog I need help with is hindiakoto.wordpress.com.


    WP didn’t remove anything. “Nothing found” etc. shows up when you search for something via the search box. The other page you’re talking about is the 404 message – shows up when one uses a link to a post or page you have removed, or a wrong URL. Try this, for example (the URL of your latest post, with “comment misspelled):



    Ah, yes! Thank you! I forgot about that.

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