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Nothing shows up on my page

  1. Nothing shows up on my page, which is here:

    I've tried posting two entries, and when I go to manage my account, nothing shows up. Please help.

  2. I get a completely blank page when I try to view your blog. Is that when you view the blog? You don't have it marked as private or hidden from search engines, do you?

    And what specifically do you mean by "manage my account"? What specific page are you looking at?

  3. I don't believe I have anything marked as private, but i just created this blog today and know very little about blogging so please bear with me.
    If you go to the dashboard -> manage, there is a section for managing posts. I've posted many times, but it keeps insisting i have zero posts. IS wordpress normally really buggy? Or is there something I could be doing wrong?

  4. WordPress is normally really slick. That is a very strange error I've never seen before.

    So, just to clarify, under Manage you're getting a listing of zero posts, not even the Welcome to WordPress one that all blogs are supposed to start with, right? Did you EVER see that post? Usually people have to edit it to get rid of it.

  5. No, I never saw the post. But yeah, it says zero posts have been put in under Manage.
    I started the account several hours ago so I have the feeling it's not that I haven't given time for things to update.
    Do you think I should just delete and start a new account?

  6. Do you think I should just delete and start a new account?

    No. And if someone comes in here and tells you to do that, don't do it.

    Feedback sent.

  7. Can someone please confirm that the blog is a blank, empty page, please?

    I note that your username isn't linked to your blog. Normally this is a sign that you're blog is marked as private. This is an option when you first create your blog. Something like "Do you want your blog to show up in search engines like Google..."

    I'm wondering if something went screwy with the blog creation.

  8. A quick look at the latest created blogs (I have that list within the forum's admin backend) shows that blogs are being created without issue. Rather strange...

  9. It's blank. Funny, i clicked on the link a few minutes ago and got the 404 message in the blog with the Kubrick theme and everything (as if just the Hello World post had been deleted and not replaced).

    Now it's completely white, with nuthin'

  10. Thanks for helping out. Under the options -> privacy section, my blog is set so search engines can look at it. I also remember setting this when I first created the blog.

    What do you think I should do at this point?

  11. Wait. DrMike has sent in feedback, and this is something they will have to fix on the back end. They're usually pretty quick, so just spend some time reading the FAQ or watching TV :)

  12. ah, gotcha. thanks so much DrMike!

  13. The blog now comes up but there's still no posts there. I'd try making a post again. I'm hoping that whatever the issue was is now fixed since we can see the blog currently.

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