Nothing works in Visual Editor or HTML

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    The text of my page is not visible in the visual editor. the text is there; I can see it if I highlight it. It’s as though the text color is white. However, the word count is zero.
    In addition, none of the options of the visual editor are visible or available.And if I click on the “Help” link, nothing happens. The whole visual page editor is dead.
    Everyting works fine on another machine. I have cleared my cache, reloaded Firefox and rebooted the machine. All to no avail.

    Can someone PLEZZZZZ help me?

    The blog I need help with is



    Ok… found the problem. It has to do with Adblock. For some reason, Adblock is screwing up the WordPress editor. Whitelisting WordPress solved the problem. I found the solution in another post on this forum.


    THANK YOU Truthsayer0 I was going nuts. I’ve disabled adblock on and my own domain name. That solved the problem.

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