Notice for SandBox theme Custom CSS users

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    A recent change to the Blogroll widget may have broken your custom css.

    The blogroll <ul> now carries the class “xoxo blogroll”. The problem is that many people use the identifier “ul.xoxo” in their CSS to apply style to their widgets. So you may find that your blogroll is suddenly out of whack somehow.

    All you need to do is create a more specific rule for your blogroll which nullifies earlier rules. You could use the identifier “ul.xoxo.blogroll” to specify the rules.


    I’m using the theme Landzilla and the sidebar has a “Blogroll” with these items on it:
    # Development Blog
    # Documentation
    # Plugins
    # Suggest Ideas
    # Support Forum
    # Themes
    # WordPress Planet
    BUT I want to put my own links on it. Can I do that? I notice that the page source says that it’s pulling from (ul class ‘xoxo blogroll’) (well, this is basically what it says). The problem is, I can’t find the file with this code in it (the location it’s pulling from) to change the menu and the links there.
    Can someone please tell me how to do this? Or, if not, is there a way to get RID of this in my sidebar (it doesn’t appear to be a named widget????) and put another (which one?) widget that I can put the links I want to into?
    Thank you,
    Amanda Lynne (



    Amanda – I’m afraid you’re in the wrong forum as your blog appears to be self-hosted. Head over to

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