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Notice to Viewers of changes or new posts to a private blog

  1. How do I enable Viewers to receive email notices when a post is published or changed?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Use the Subscription widget. If your blog is Private, only people who can read your blog can see it. Note, however, that it is a HUGE security risk.

  3. Thank you... still confused by what I see in Widgets
    I don't find a Subscription it titled differently?
    I see a widget to enable "followers" to receive email notices, but not "viewers". Since my blog is private, I have allowed access to "viewers", not "followers". Is there a place to assign notifications to "viewers"?
    Also, some elaboration on security risk would be appreciated. (Maybe the best solution is for me to just email my viewer group when a new post is made, independent of WordPress?
    thanks again.............

  4. ANY option which turns a blog post into an email which can be forwarded is a security risk for the contents of the post. It's one click to forward an email. If you enable this function, or you do it manually, eventually one of your readers WILL forward one of your emails to someone who is not an approved blog reader, or they will post it on Facebook.

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